iOS Application, Custom Backend, Web Development.

Finding the best Nightclub, Pub, or Bar has never been easier, with the Where2 App!

If you are looking for a packed out nightclub, a quiet bar, or just a pub in your area, you can find it on the Where2 App. Almost any venue, in any major city can be found on the app’s database. Gone are the days of roaming the streets to find a fun place to spend your night!

Key Project Highlights

  • Log in with Facebook.
  • See which venues are trending in your search area.
  • Easily checkin to venues.
  • See which of your friends are using the app and where they have been.
  • Easily message your friends and catch up for a great night out!


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  • Client - Where 2 Digital
  • Date Completed - Nov 2015
  • Skills/Tools Used - Branding, iPhone Application
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