iOS, Android Game.

**The app too rude for iTunes**

PooJectiles is a fun, fast & challenging distance based game, you must travel as far as you can, collecting as many beans as you can, all while avoiding the obstacles!

Featuring loads of achievements, power-ups & a global leader-board.

Keen reflexes will be your best weapon to avoid the obstacles in your path, make sure you collect the beans on the way to unlock cool boosts & power-ups as well as new levels.


Key Project Highlights

  • iOS, Android Game.
  • In-App Purchasing.
  • Global Leaderboard


App Features

  • A stack of achievements to unlock!
  • Eight powerful unlocks to help you on your way!
  • Global Leaderboard – Challenge & beat your friends!
  • Multiple levels to unlock & characters to splat.. can you splat them all?
  • Cool & Fun 2D animation & Art! Laugh away as you play.





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  • Client - Beyond Prosperity
  • Date Completed - August 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - iPhone Application, Android Application, Windows Phone 8 Application, Games