Geo Based Location Services.

Geo Based Location Services have been gaining momentum slowly but steadily. Amongst other things it’s specifically designed to better meet user needs & demands and if done right, businesses are able to shorten distances between them and their customers.

An effective way of targeting your customers by location is by setting up Geofenced Push Notifications. GeoFencing will allow you to set up a virtual fence around a predefined geographic area. When one of your App users enters or exists the area you can send them a push message through your App.

At Appliquette we combine technology with our own brand of innovation to bring about outstanding apps with practical implications.

We put to use the capabilities allowed by GeoFencing in the Drinking Buddy App to use it in a simple yet sociable way in order for the App to attract & further engage customers.

In Drinking Buddy, users visit participating venues to receive great deals & offers. The app will recognise when a phone device is within a participating venue, and trickle out a series of Deals & pre-defined messages to the users over time, whilst they remain within the ‘GeoFence’.


On the backend, we can learn more about how the customers are using the app, and visiting the venues. Allowing analytics to be provided to the venues on items such as Time spent in venue, and demographic data.


All in all the results are outstanding, as a business you are able to harness the advantages of this technology by sending in special offers when a customer walks by or drives by near to where your business is based.

Not only does your customer interaction increase but you are also able to work upon enhancing customer experience and give them extras along the way.


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